Hart Direction is Excited to Announce Our New Brand Refresh.

Why a brand refresh? Truth be told.

We never officially launched Hart Direction when we began over five years ago in 2018, in London, Ontario. Initially, it was just me, handling all the creative direction, account management, and project execution, and something I handle quite confidently with my 30 plus years in the marketing industry. Yes, I could do it, but not necessarily should have. But that is a topic for another article.

Let’s officially admit it right here: We were like many other small businesses starting out. We had all the familiar excuses for not addressing our own brand marketing strategy. We were too busy, prioritizing our clients, and needed to organize and refine our processes. This is what some call the shoemaker’s syndrome – the cobbler’s children have no shoes.

We were fortunate to see rapid growth when we first started, working with fantastic clients on unique projects. However, like many small businesses, we faced challenges when COVID hit. Yet, we were lucky to navigate through the pandemic, taking the opportunity to develop our brand strategy, position it to our ideal customers and find our 5-star clients. Our primary goal was to create a system to be able to identify the most common struggles for small businesses and determine how to help them grow.

What did we do?

Fact 1: Our brand refresh (almost a rebrand) was a significant undertaking, and it required substantial effort. Like any other business, we needed to differentiate ourselves in an overcrowded market of branding experts and digital marketers. First and foremost, we had to define our ideal customers, understand and provide solutions for their toughest challenges, and how to make a connection with them with our brand. We are ready to connect with our 5-star clients.

Fact 2: We wanted to delve deep into how we could best serve our customers and other small businesses. We aimed to simplify the process of starting a marketing strategy on a solid foundation, creating a blueprint for strategic brand marketing. However, before we could make this Hart Direction’s unique value proposition, we needed to structure and develop this process. We are ready to share our “secret sauce” with our 5-star customers.

Fact 3: I know this foundational positioning may seem basic to most, and that’s the beauty of it – it is. Our approach isn’t revolutionary, but our proven strategic systems are. We provide a guided strategic framework for businesses, a structured process, and a comprehensive strategic brand marketing plan aligned with their business goals, budgets, and timelines. We want to guide businesses through our collaborative process, sharing our knowledge and helping them avoid self-diagnosing their marketing needs. We are ready to help take our

5-star client’s businesses to the next level. 

Logo Refresh.

Hart Direction’s brand refresh isn’t a drastic change on the surface. We love our logo but were not entirely satisfied with our original copper color. We opted for a less sophisticated color, switching to teal. This bold, punchy color better reflects our brand personality and we love the contrast it offers.

Who We Are?

Helping Small Businesses Succeed with Brand Marketing Done Right.

Hart Direction is a brand marketing agency that helps small businesses save time and money by getting their brand marketing on track and kick-starting their business growth with strategic brand marketing done right, without the frustration of doing it all yourself. We guide the process, providing brand and marketing strategic direction using proven industry systems that deliver a clear action plan and concise marketing messaging to attract your ideal audience at the right time and place to help grow your business.

Fact 4: We are ready to chat with our next 5-star client.