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Pioneer Seeds invests a lot of time and resources into their sales rep teams. Every year they hold conferences to enrich their learning on brand and seed products. The marketing team collaborates with territory managers to help communicate the upcoming seasons positioning on brand and selling.

The Ask:

Territory managers lead three separate conference each year. Hart Direction was asked to develop and create conference theme names and graphics, gift sourcing and packaging, video and collateral to help them pull off professional events for Quebec and Ontario conferences.

The Challenge:

Conference Theme Naming: The biggest challenge was to develop a name that would work in both English and French and, at the same time, resonate and align with internal cultures. Both regions conduct their conferences quite differently. In Ontario, only the sales teams (manager and reps) attend the conference, whereas in Quebec, the reps invite a number of the customers, so the delivery of the event is quite different.

Thank You Gift: Each conference had a branded gift as a “thank you” component. It was up to Hart Direction to source and/or produce a beautifully packaged gift.

In Quebec, this meant the gift would be handed out to their customers as well. As a result, Quebec’s team sourced their own gift from the U.S. and we’re sent to us to package together. It had two components to combine into one package – a metallic ceramic mug and a magnetic metal dish. We had to figure out a create way to pull these items together to be presented aesthetically and a packaging solution for them to arrive safely in Quebec.

The Solution:

Conference Theme Naming: Finding a name that adapts well and resonates in French Is not easy. The best solution was to develop different themes for Ontario and Quebec.

We sourced a unique gift for Ontario and custom designed both packages so each represented the brand and product brand presented.

The Ontario Rep gift housed four mugs securely in pockets within the custom designed box. It was designed with a removable exterior sleeve and peek-a-boo die cut to display the Pioneer trapezoid icon. The packaging solution and printing, and the printing of the logo treatment on the mug was coordinated and executed with a matte and gloss effect that gave the appearance of a very high-end gift – without the high-end cost.

The Quebec Rep and customer gifts were packaged together in a sourced box with custom designed reinforced interior components to house the magnetic saucer so it rested securely on the base of the box and the mug nestled on top with another custom piece so they did not touch. Both gifts were promoting the launch of their new Qrome product and each product gift were represented in a shiny chrome finish. The box sleeve was branded and printed on reflective mirror silver stock that could be easily slipped on and off to preserved the aesthetics of the package.

The Result:

Conference Theme Naming: The sales reps and managers were very happy with the developed themes that resonated with both audiences.

Thank You Gift: We developed beautifully packaged gift for both regions. The items looked like they were meant to be packaged together and they made it to both different destinations safely. Both gifts were very well received. The custom packaging gave the appearance of a more expensive gift.

Brand and marketing tactics:

  • Logo and themes: French and English
  • Booklets covers
  • Agendas
  • Signage
  • Name tags
  • PPT templates
  • Video intros
  • Branded rep and client gifts / sourcing
  • Custom packaging, printing and expediting

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