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Torched Brewing Company

Torched Brewing Company (aka Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company) is a new crafts brewing company promoting their new beer brand and their uniqueness in the community of Grand Bend.

The Ask:

Torched Brewing Company needed a new website design for a new craft brewery brand they were getting ready to launch. As we do with all our clients, we needed to ask them first about their brand strategy before launching their new craft brewery brand. The team at Torched Brewery knew the importance of developing their brand strategy to position themselves differently in an over saturated craft beer market. They had a dream, and they knew and wanted it done right.

The Challenge:

Construction delays during the pandemic created challenges for the renovation of an entire building into a brewery before launch, not to mention having to produce their first craft beers out of the kettles.

The budget was very lean, but Hart Direction will never turn any business away when we know we’re a good fit to deliver, and we do like beer.

The Solution:

Hart Direction has a brand solution for any size business. We took the Torched team through our brand strategy framework and collaborated with them to develop their brands distinctness and positioning with clear messaging to reach their ideal craft beer enthusiast. Once that was done, it was easy to translate their brand into copy and create content that captured their brand essence. We also recommended doing the site in two phases so we could get the site up during the pandemic and not delay the launch any further.

The Result:

The Torched Brewing Company Team were very happy with their final branding. It allowed the partners to work together and agree on what the Torched Brewing brand meant to them. Now they’re working towards a common purpose and fulfilling their business dream.

Doing the website in two phases allowed Torched to jump start the launch to promote the business and start sales in the retail store. It also allowed more time to develop Phase 2 with a more robust online store.

Rename Launch:

When Torched Brewing had to re-launch their name from Brewster’s Mill, Hart Direction was there to help with the best strategies to handle this type of interruption. We developed a plan that organized them to communicate this change quickly to the public using public relations communications, social media strategy / creative and website updates.

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