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DuPont Tyvek Protec

North American Marketing Collateral and Trade Show Strategy

DuPont Tyvek Protec Roofing Underlayment was a new DuPont Tyvek product being launched in the U.S. They went to market with a soft launch in geographic areas that had exceptional representative support and strong market share in the building sectors. The following year they launched in Canada with the same strategic approach. Hart Direction worked with the North American Marketing Manager to support the new product brand marketing efforts.

The Ask:

Hart Direction had already worked on the Canadian DuPont Tyvek product portfolio, so it was logical to ask us to support the Canadian launch. Tyvek already has a U.S. agency of record, but with our history of always getting the job done, we were up for the opportunity to support the launch and subsequently marketing and creative initiatives for DuPont Tyvek Protec Roofing Underlayment in North America.

The Challenge:

DuPont Tyvek brand and Dow Building Solutions was going through a lot of changes with the merge of DuPont and Dow global. Their marketing team felt disjointed as they were trying to navigate their positions while the global brand and product portfolios were merging. There was a lot of overlap in products and the teams were struggling with the transition.

The Solution:

The Tyvek team’s objectives were to elevate their efforts at the retail level and provide sales tools to help explain the building envelope systems while introducing the roofing product line up. To do this, we created an infographic for the product racking display. The graphic was used to illustrate the full building solution on various collateral such as trade show, signage, point of purchase displays and give-a-ways.

Sales aids doubled as tools that could be used by sales representatives, and at trade shows.

One of the main pieces was a flip book that outlined the features and benefits, of three different grades of roofing underlayment. On the back of each selfstanding page were talking points laid out as reference for the sales person.

A print ad campaign was launched in Canada using brand ads and product specific ads to create awareness of the new DuPont Tyvek Protec roofing product in national construction trade publications and retailer magazines.

Trade Show launch:

We needed to represent the new DuPont Tyvek Protec roofing product in the DuPont Tyvek trade show booth and integrate it visually into the lineup as their new product.

Roof Ramps:

Three elevated ramps were produced, one for each product grade, to simulate a roof pitch. Industry trade show participants could walk up the ramp and get a sense of each products security features for roofers, they could also gauge the level of protection each provided from the elements. A handrail at the top for safety, incorporated a promotional poster highlighting the features and benefits for each product.

T-shirt Give-away:

We created several fun t-shirt concepts as a giveaway to draw participants to their trade show booth. In the end, two different t-shirt designs were chosen. The t-shirts were packaged with a branded sleeve showcasing the specific t-shirt design.

To make it easy to choose a design, we used two different shades of grey and added an adhesive tab on the sleeve indicating the t-shirt size.

Padfolio Give-away:

We created a custom branded padfolio with a branded gridded note pad and a pen, reinforced not to fall out! These were handed out by representatives as they engaged with people at the trade show. Representatives could also order them to give out later on sales calls.

The Result:

Creating and producing these branded tactics to support the launch elevated brand and product awareness for the new DuPont Tyvek Protec Underlayment. The sales reps and retailers loved the sales tools and promotional pieces. The t-shirt give-away drew many people to the trade show booths, resulting in all of the t-shirts to be handed out and really standing out at the trade shows.

Brand and marketing tactics:

  •  Sales aids
  • In-store racking and display panels
  • Point of purchase
  • Banners and displays
  • T-shirt design, branded packaging, fulfillment and shipping logistics to U.S. tradeshows
  • Sponsorship graphics
  • Sales aid tools
  • Signage and posters

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